Reprecinting in Bridgewater

Every ten years, after each federal census takes place, state law requires Bridgewater to review and create new precinct boundaries to ensure shifts in population will neither unfairly increase nor diminish a particular voter’s voice in government. We just conducted a ten year review with the latest census data and based on the findings, Bridgewater is shifting to a 9 Precinct / 3 District model and updating our Town Council to have 3 District Councilors and 6 At-Large Councilors.

Before the ChangeAfter the ChangeWhy the Change?Notes
– 7 Precincts
– 7 Districts
– 1 Precinct per District
– 9 Precincts
– 3 Districts
– 3 Precincts per District
We outgrew our existing Precincts and had to modify our boundaries to align with population shifts and Mass state requirements.New map submitted and approved by state.
– 7 District Councilors
– 2 At-Large Councilors
– 3 District Councilors
– 6 At-Large Councilors
The Town Council makeup is being adjusted to match the new Precinct and District model. Pending state legislature debate and action
-150 signatures for town-wide roles
– 100 signatures for District roles
– 50 signatures for town-wide roles
– 25 signatures for District roles
Our ballot signature requirements are significantly higher than most other towns and should be lowered to improve participation and access.Pending Town Council debate and action

Implementing these changes requires a mix of Town Council approval, state approval, and Special Acts by the State Legislature. The changes are expected to be in place before the 2022 April elections.

My Position:

  • I favor a 9 Councilor model (more would decrease efficiency; less would negatively impact committee participation)
  • I believe a mix of at-large (town-wide) and District Councilors is needed to balance local and town-wide interests
  • I support the 3 District / 6 At-Large model (this is the best option available that still meets state requirements)
  • I support the new 9 precinct / 3 district map as approved (matches state requirements and provides equitable voice)

Related Town Council activity:

  • Ordinance D-FY21-011: Amend Article II Sec 2-1. Composition; Eligibility; Term of Office (Gallagher)
  • Ordinance D-FY22-014: Adoption of Precinct Map (Councilor Moore, Councilor Gallagher, Councilor Wood)
  • Ordinance D-FY22-015: Amend Article VII Sec. 7-4 “Districts” of the Town of Bridgewater Home Rule Charter by Special Act Legislation (Chase and Rushton)
  • Ordinance D-FY22-016: Amend Article I Sec. 1-9 “Definitions” of the Town of Bridgewater Home Rule Charter by Special Act Legislation (Moore)
  • Ordinance D-FY22-017: Amend Article VII Sec. 7-3(a) “Signature Requirements” of the Town of Bridgewater Home Rule Charter by Special Act Legislation (Moore)

DISCLAIMER: The information provided herein is not an official statement from the Town of Bridgewater or it’s agents. The information may be outdated or contain errors and is provided for informational purposes only. Please validate all information with the Town Manager of the Town of Bridgewater prior to taking any action